Lachuá Lagoon

It is characterized by its unique natural beauty, combining the crystal clear waters of a huge circular lagoon with exuberant vegetation, characteristic of a tropical rainforest. The lake water has a sulfur smell, which explains the origin of its name: “Lachuá” which is derived from the words Q’eqchi ‘ “li chu ha’” meaning “fetid water”.…


Holy Week in Guatemala

Iconic worldwide for its displays of faith and devotion to the images of Christ and the Virgin Mary, Easter in Guatemala represents the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. This tradition emerged in Guatemala in the sixteenth century when the fraternities and sororities from Spain were established, the first documented procession was…


Azul Maya Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Panajachel Maya Blue is a family project, initiated by Mr. Peter A. Lavarreda. It has three showrooms, where you can enjoy the historical wealth in clay pots, gourds, pots and dishes ceramic, jade and more.

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